So you deal with mobiles and IT peripherals on marketplaces? Selling mobile phones can seem to be rewarding considering the high Average Selling Price it has, hence the turnover achieved and cash flows hitting the bank account may give a satisfying experience! But here’s the truth! It’s all an illusion.

Ask any mobile distributor or retailer who has been selling online about their woes! Missing Inventory which is not reimbursed, IMEI tracking for Price Drop Claims from Vendors, Profitability (Pre and Post Shipping), and the biggest of all – Damaged Returns from Customers.

Timely tracking of each crucial parameter is very necessary to save the highly shrunk margins in Mobile & IT. A few lapses here and there, you will be sitting on negative cash flows and dead inventory which is a sin in Mobiles as they depreciate very quickly.

DSYH helps you to monitor your missing inventory, profitability per SKU, and tracking of damaged returns worthy to be filed for reimbursements. All of this at a click of a button!

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